Until The Shout

Jesus came for you!



Have you noticed in Luke Chapter 2 how the angels appeared first to the shepherds? In ancient times the shepherds were the among the lowest class of people. Only the lepers were considered lower. And yet the shepherds were the first to hear the good news. The angel says in verse 10 that the good news is for ALL people. No matter who you are today, no matter where you have come from, no matter what you have done, Jesus Christ came into the world on this day to turn your despair into hope, your sorrow into joy, your pain into comfort, and most importantly, your guilt into righteousness. Trust Him today. Rejoice in Him today. And have a very Merry Christmas from Until the Shout Ministries!


  1. silver price says:

    Thirdly, the shepherds returned to their routine with their flocks as changed men, ‘glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen’. (Luke 2:20) As the significance of these few hours would sink into their hearts and minds, it is probable that these shepherds who had been so richly blessed went about their duties rather differently. Surely, the attitude of thankfulness and praise strengthened their communion with God and spilled over into their relationship with their families, with each other, and maybe even with their flocks of sheep. It is hoped that people today experience the same kind of joy and gratitude after an encounter with Jesus, even as they go about their routine business.