Until The Shout

Take a Walk. Change the World.



The Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament Live Event is one of the best kept secrets in ministry. This event is no lecture or mere seminar but rather a fully interactive, educational and inspirational expedition through the pages of Scripture. I’m not aware of any other Live Event that will give people such a comprehensive foundation in the Old Testament and simultaneously be so much fun. The room becomes a map of the Holy Land; the participants become the people, places, and events of the Old Testament and together we will tour 4000 years of Bible history from creation to Christ. As a National Corporate Instructor for Walk Thru the Bible I am blessed to teach this material and proud to promote these Live Events through Until The Shout Ministries. Please contact me today at bjohnson@untiltheshout.com and ask about hosting a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event at your church. Find out why we say, “Take a walk. Change the world!”