Until The Shout




We are in the midst of an election year. How we as a nation vote in this year’s election may indeed decide the ultimate fate of our country. As Christians, we are the only ones with glorious and gracious access to the one true living God. Only we may boldly yet humbly approach the Throne. Our prayers and the way we cast our votes when its time to do so make all the difference.

A friend of mine recently asked a very good question. The question was a good one and very relevant to the season in which we find ourselves. So much so that I decided to post the question (protecting this person’s anonymity) and my response. The specific question was as follows:

“I will not vote for Obama but I have a conundrum. What to do when the only other candidate is a mormon. How can I as a christian vote for someone who don’t believe what I do? I have ask others this, sorry if I am putting you on the spot. I don’t like what I am hearing and wanted to know what a brother in Christ thinks.”

His question is obviously framed in the context of the current upcoming presidential election but it is a question I hear commonly every election almost regardless of who the candidates are. In short, his question is, “as a Christian, how can I vote for someone who does not believe as I do?”

That’s a great question, a common question and by no means puts me on the spot. The answer is this: You must cast your vote according to biblical principles. The question is not so much ‘should I only vote for a Christian’, since there are many problems with this stand. The question is how many Biblical principles can I uphold or will I compromise by my vote. You should always cast your vote to uphold as many Biblical principles as possible. The idea that “I will only vote for a Christian” can become problematic. Let me explain.

First of all, certainly if a Christian is running for office, and you are confident that he/she is a Christian not only by their own clearly articulated testimony, (Every true believer has a testimony, if they tell you otherwise, there is your first red flag.) but by the fruit of their life, voting record and history of decision making, then by all means vote for them! But what do you do when two Christians are running? What do you do when no Christians are running?! This is by no means the first election cycle (nor will it be the last) where there is no Christian choice. What do yo do when a person claims to be a Christian but articulates no testimony and whose actions betray almost all things Biblical? You cannot know a mans heart. Only God knows the hearts of men. A person who calls himself a Christian may not be and a person who has never mentioned his faith might be. And what is their definition of “Christian”? Do they actually refer to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or is it defined culturally for them? Therefore how can you ever know for sure?

In any case, you must vote! While ancient Biblical kings were not “elected” as we do in America today, the people have always had the responsibility of holding their leaders accountable to the best of their ability. Voting is God given privilege and your freedom in Christ is not the freedom to do as you please, you were born doing that, (this is the terrible condition of Judges 21:25b), rather it is the freedom to do what it right having been redeemed and indwelled by the Holy Spirit (Philippians 2:13)! Should you vote is never the question. How you vote is. Therefore how do you vote?

You vote so as to obey and uphold as many Biblical principles as possible. You vote so as to best uphold life, liberty, the sanctity of marriage, the freedom of religion (which is not defined as keeping the church out of the government but rather keeping the government out of the church), the integrity of the family structure, Biblical personal responsibility, Biblical financial stewardship, and I could go on. You look at the issues and candidates and vote so as to uphold as much of God’s Word as possible and so as to transgress and compromise as little of God’s Word as possible. Vote according to God’s Word and Biblical principle. If only one Christian is running this will guide you to the Christian candidate. If two Christians are running this will guide you to the most mature and obedient. If no Christians are running this will guide you to vote such that you are protecting as many scriptural principles in the land as possible and it will guide you against the greater degree of transgression and compromise. Do this and your vote is never wasted!


  1. Pamela says:

    Absolutely true!! Great blog.

  2. Billy Graham, in a national advertising campaign launched Oct. 18, calls on Americans to “vote for biblical values” as they cast ballots in the upcoming election, reports Baptist Press .