Until The Shout


“Compensation in eternity: What is it and what happens when I die?”

In this study we will open God’s Word and tackle a subject that can be a source of confusion and even controversy (imagine that!) with many believers – our Eternal Rewards in heaven. Let me ask you some provocative questions that you may not have thought of…

1. What happens when we die? Believers go to Heaven, sure, but what then?2. Do all believers receive the same “treatment” or “status” in heaven?3. Once we are saved, does the way we choose to live our lives continue to affect our eternity? 4. Is there only one judgment? 5. Is it possible to suffer loss in heaven? 6. How about hell? Are there “levels,” if you will, of misery or punishment in hell? 7. Is all sin equal? 8. If there are differing “levels” in heaven, what determines yours?

The answers to the questions above may surprise saints and sinners alike! How we live our life on earth as both believers and non-believers determines our reward in heaven or our punishment in hell. Life after death is determined by life before death. And the decisions we make in our short lifetimes will affect us forever. Now that’s leverage!

Your congregation, Bible Fellowship class or Bible Study group will be blessed and stirred to action by this eye opening study. Find out what God’s Word has to say about this exciting, but sometimes misunderstood topic.

“A Study from the Revelation of Jesus Christ”

In this Study we will open God’s Word and look at how Jesus has personally addressed each one of us.

If you ask Bible – literate Christians how many epistles (letters) there are in the New Testament, most will tell you there are 21. They will list the 13 “Pauline” epistles and the 8 epistles to the Hebrews. Although this is the common answer, it isn’t the correct answer. Most will overlook the 7 most important letters in the entire Scripture – the 7 letters written by Jesus Himself contained in the book of Revelation. In all of Revelation, the two chapters most important for believers today are the ones most often overlooked – chapters 2 & 3.

Each of the seven letters from Jesus Himself did not only apply to the local churches of that day. They are also a picture of seven kinds of churches that are found in any age, in any period of history. Including our own! Moreover, each of these letters has a very personal application to each one of us. In other words, our Savior has written each of us a letter as well. But which of the seven is yours?

This is a deep and personal study for the individuals who are bold enough to engage it and is also a very introspective look into the heart of any church. Find out what God’s Word has to say about who we are, how we live our lives, and how we can “Overcome.”